We design and install open-source fibre optic cable networks to provide businesses with tailored and easy to manage communications infrastructure


About ONT

Optical Network Technologies (ONT) is a dedicated GPON technology and solutions provider. All our solutions are open source so ONT builds GPON networks that are owned by the end customer. This gives the customer the authority and ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fibre transport network and manage their own systems.

ONT leverages our sister company, Jonsa Australia's design, qualifying and manufacturing capabilities, to provide custom hardware and software components for specialist solutions as well as for OEM/ODM customers. Jonsa Australia has been supplying robust and cost-effective radio frequency solutions to clients such as NBN, Telstra and Foxtel for over 20 years.

Our networks use high quality and accredited components that meet the Australian specifications and conditions.

We are based in Sydney with a support office in Perth enabling Australia-wide coverage.

About ONT


GPON (Gigabite Passive Optical Network) is the latest telecommunication technology and based on one single transmission point to multiple reception points that provide high speed optical connections allowing communications access to reach every end customer/property. The benefits of GPON solution include faster data speeds, security, space saving, flexibility, cost effectiveness and future proofing.


Our GPON solution integrates all your services into one network and we also give users the added benefit of integrated free-to-air and satellite TV without consuming any data or bandwidth.

Our GPON technology is different, it is an open system giving the owner full control and ownership over their network.

What Makes us Different

What makes us different?


We can design, build, and manage your fibre network and provide exceptional quality of optical equipment to power your network for data-intensive access such as internet and local services.

The fibre network carries all communication services between the Comms Room and end locations. The network is run over a single fibre to each point and has the capability to include Free-to-Air TV, Foxtel Satellite TV and other TV Channels in their original format, as well as data services that could be CCTV, Access Control, Emergency, Internet and others.

This solution is particularly suited to Commercial developments such as Aged Care facilities, Schools, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Properties, and other businesses.

nbn Content Service Provider (CSP)

Jonsa Australia is the holding company of ONT and a Content Service Provider (CSP) to the nbn. This enables ONT to provide Free and Pay TV (Foxtel) in its original format on the nbn's fibre to each Apartment or House. This solution can be applied to any high rise building or housing development where nbn provides the infrastructure for the site. The service is owned and maintained by the development but uses the nbn fibre for distribution, this allows the development to add channels or make changes to the TV system if required.



If you have any questions, require equipment or need a fibre network installed please donʼt hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and one of our highly skilled staff members will communicate further to provide a solution or information for your project.